Disability Resource Center

Our Mission

The Disability Resource Center strives to provide quality services to students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities, to educate them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed decisions, and to foster a sense of empowerment so that they can engage in critical thinking and self-determination.

Whether visiting our webpages as a prospective student, a current student, a family member, or a faculty member supporting a student with a disability, the Disability Resource Center hopes that the information contained on our webpages provides insight about our dedication to provide the best services and support possible. Please contact our office at 352-392-8565, fax us at 352-392-8570, contact us via e-mail at accessuf@dso.ufl.edu, or stop by our office at 0001 Building 0020 (Reid Hall) if you have any questions or concerns.

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Spring 2014 Group Sessions

The following groups are being offered during the Spring 2014 semester:

Group Day Time
Lunch & Learn Strategies Tuesdays 12:50-1:40pm
Asperger's Thursdays 4:05-5:00

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please contact Amanda Brown at amandabr@dso.ufl.edu; however, no sign-up or registration is necessary. Groups are useful and informative and offer strategies that will assist you to be successful in school.



All the people who work in the DRC are really great and really care! They are great and I have nothing but good experiences!

The center provides special courses for DRC students. I find these to be priceless. I don't know if I would have been able to graduate had the center not helped me get into one of these courses. Thank you.

I really appreciate their confidentiality and how they made time for me and that my situation really was important and mattered.

Everyone in the DRC is great to work with and always helpful. – Registered Student

I really appreciate their confidentiality and how they made time for me and that my situation really was important and mattered. – Registered Student

Everyone who I worked with at the DRC was very supportive and helpful. I felt like they genuinely cared about my success – Registered Student

The staff at the DRC has always done a wonderful job making sure I am able to receive the correct testing accommodations. – Registered Student

All the people who work in the DRC are really great and really care! They are great and I have nothing but good experiences! – Registered Student

The DRC has been a huge help with every aspect of my academic career. I don't think that I would be graduating this semester without all of their support. The staff at the DRC are always available to help, are compassionate, friendly and creative. I think that perhaps it would be comforting to students using the DRC if there were student support groups for students with disabilities. I know that in talking to other students with disabilities I have found some comfort in that we often experience many of the same difficulties. – Registered Student

I would not have been able to earn my Ph.D. this May, 2010 as a single parent in the Anthropology Department without DRC assistance, concerned, and its determination in making sure I had all resource at my disposal!!! – Registered Student

I really appreciate the concern shown, and the help provided, by the staff. They made it so I was able to concentrate and focus on my academic work instead of figuring out how to deal with my disability on my own. – Registered Student

They are always very helpful and accommodate my needs. – Registered Student

Mr. Gorske works hard to ensure I have the best format to learn the necessary material. – Registered Student

I think the DRC's Note-Taking Service is such a great asset to students at the University of Florida. It has been and continues to be something which is offered and taken care of so wonderfully by all staff members of the center, so they do not need to improve in this area, however, it is something that should ABSOLUTLEY continue for those students in need of such a service. – Registered Student

Wonderful that such a program exists for those of us who have personal disabilities and challenges. The drive to obtain a college degree should not be deterred by a disability, and the DRC is wonderful at helping students with their disabilities and feel comfortable in a traditional university setting. – Registered Student

The Testing Office was very good at accommodating to my hectic schedule in planning my test dates and times. – Registered Student

I think that this is a great program that the University offers for students with disabilities. They do a great job (the professionals and students working within) to accommodate us. – Registered Student

I thank you SO much for the opportunity to have extra time on the exams. This helped me improve my test scores. – Registered Student

I have received excellent services from friendly and caring staff members, I truly appreciate everything that is provided for me through DRC. – Registered Student

Everyone in the DRC & DSO are always so helpful!! – Student

The department was very understanding and courteous. – Student

I took advantage of many of the resources extended to me by the Dean of Students Office as well as the Disability Resource Center. They allowed for particular accommodations in classes, as well as monthly meetings with counselors and staff. They consistently had an open door policy that was very comfortable for me. All of these resources were an important part of my readjustment to university life.

I have learned a tremendous amount by meeting with the staff of the Dean of Students Office, who I would like to add are always smiling and cheerful.

The process did its due diligence in collecting all information necessary for a medial withdrawal. Yet the process also put an emphasis on what was necessary for a return to the university. The multitude of resources at the disposal of the Dean of Students Office including the Disability Resource Center were in full display once the process began. It was comforting to know that once I returned I would have accommodations, counseling, and even lessons on how to navigate my life once I began as a student again.

Testing accommodations provided me with the testing environment needed for me to prosper during my examinations! Thank you DRC staff!

The testing accommodations have greatly improved my experience here at UF and have helped me feel more confident about what I can achieve!

The services at the DRC are professionally executed and served as a great benefit to my education!