Housing Accommodations


In order to ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities, our office requires documentation from a qualified physician or other licensed professional in a field related to the disability that provides verification of the disability, a description of the current functional limitations noted as a result of the disability on a major life activity (e.g. seeing, walking, learning), and any recommendations of possible housing accommodations.  Please use the following guidelines to assist you in the preparation of this document:


  1. The documentation should include all of the following information regarding the student:
    1. A statement of condition as a medical diagnosis. Please include the date of diagnosis and the date of last contact with this student.
    2. A description of the procedures (e.g. clinical/diagnostic interview, rating scales, physical examination) that were used to assess/diagnose the medical condition and rule out other explanations.
    3. A description of the symptoms that meet the criteria for diagnosis with the approximate date of onset.
    4. A description of the current severity of the medical condition and this student’s limitations in a university housing setting.
    5. A list any medications or other treatments the student is currently utilizing, including any possible medication/treatment side effects.
    6. A description of any housing accommodations you feel would be appropriate for this student given his/her limitations.
    7. Attach any additional information you feel is relevant in determining housing accommodations for this student.
  2. The prepared documentation should:
    1. Be on letterhead.
    2. Be typed, dated, and bear the signature of the evaluator.
    3. Include the name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about licensure or certification.
    4. Include contact information (e.g name, address, and phone number of practice).
Housing Accommodations 1
Housing Accommodations 2


For additional information on housing accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center at or by calling 352.392.8565.

For information on housing options, cost, locations please visit the main Housing and Residence Education website at