New Student & Family Programs

Our Mission

New Student and Family Programs provides on-going programs that support new students and families in their transition to UF by: providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, connecting students to University resources and people, acquainting students with institutional expectations and values, promoting learning and discovery both inside and outside the classroom, and fostering pride in the Gator community.


At preview I gained a new perspective on becoming a Gator. One of the most intimidating aspects was the enormous school population, and at Preview, I was assured that through involvement and participation, I would not be lost in the crowd. –Student who attended Preview

Amongst the tremendous academic and service sessions that were informative and effective, the most significant thing I gained was connections to resources ranging from friends to advisors. I feel cared about enough that should I seek help, I will get it, without hesitation from my advisers. –Student who attended Preview

As an out of stater, I was very nervous it would be hard to meet people. I thought everybody from Florida would know one another. But when I came to preview everybody was so nice and I'm not nervous about my first day of college at all anymore! –Student who attended Preview

From Preview, I gained a sense that we Gators, whether bonded by majors, or clubs, or just by being enrolled in UF together, care for one another. –Student who attended Preview

With the help of the wonderful Preview Staff I chose a schedule that can explore the options I like and still be on track. I also made friends that I know will be there for me if I'm still not sure during my journey. –Student who attended Preview

Experiencing Preview helped me to narrow down exactly what classes I needed to take for my fall semester. Having two days worth of time allowed me to focus on my schedule and work out how I could be happiest on campus. –Student who attended Preview

College became a reality, and the orientation staff really discussed every aspect that would be helpful for me. It made me feel better about actually assimilating into the college life. –Student who attended Preview

Would love to attend it again, it was really a great experience and fun!!! GO GATORS!!! – A family weekend attendee

From Preview I learned many things that I will carry with me threw my years at UF. First, there are many options for students. I also learned that alot of helpful people are ready to assist you in anything you need. –Student who attended Preview

Our family had a great time at Family Weekend. We were all very impressed with the entire event. – A family weekend attendee

The University of Florida is reaching out to the families to encourage them to be involved with the university and to make the families feel welcome to the university. I applaud all the efforts in making the Family Weekend Program a great success. Thank you for not scheduling the Family Weekend the same weekend as a home football game. – A family weekend attendee

THANK YOU for providing this opportunity. As a parent, it gave me the opportunity to see my daughter and get some satisfaction in seeing first hand that she was safe, comfortable, had a great group of friends and knew her way around. – A family weekend attendee

My family's entire experience was awesome. Much thanks and kudos to the University of Florida and it's wonderful staff and volunteers – A family weekend attendee

Once again, I thought the entire staff did a wonderful job of planning the event. We can see why our daughter absolutely loves attending UF and is becoming very involved in campus activities while still maintaining a balance between her studies, activities, and social events. – A family weekend attendee

The department was very understanding and courteous. – Student