UF Family Chat

UF’s online Family Chat program is a great way to stay connected and informed! Join other UF family members and campus representatives for themed bi-monthly chat sessions. These live online sessions are designed to answer your specific questions and promote discussion about UF and common transition concerns you or your UF student may experience. Great discussion groups and answers to your questions are just a click away. Make sure to mark your calendar for upcoming chats.

Upcoming Chat Topics Include:

  • Are you ready for Move-In, Navigating the Swamp/Convocation and Weeks of Welcome? Join us to hear what events are “must-attend” for students, parents and family members.
  • The first few weeks of transition: Check in with UF staff to talk about both you and your student’s transition. Learn easy ways to help your student with his/her transition.
  • Helping your student find balance: Join us to discuss the many ways you can support your student in finding a healthy balance during their college life.
  • Gearing up for Family Weekend: Join us to learn more about Family Weekend.
  • Gearing up for Midterms: Join us to hear great ways to support your student during the midterm exams.
  • If your student lives at home or if you live afar, it is hard to know how to get involved in your college student’s life. Join us as we answer your questions and provide advice for how to stay connected and involved without your son or daughter feeling like you are watching over them.
  • Supporting your student from afar… how to bridge the distance if you are living out of state
  • And More!

We look forward to chatting with you!

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