Event Categories

WOW! events fall into many different categories. Below is a list of different categories and what types of events are included within.


Programs sponsored by academic units geared toward welcoming new students to the curriculum and academic expectations, introducing them to faculty and staff, and assisting them with skill building. Also includes programs sponsored by academic clubs and organizations.


Programs involving spectator sporting events. They may range from Athletic Association events to club sports games.


Programs sponsored by departments and/or student organization in order to educate students about cultural opportunities and resources on campus and foster an appreciation for the diversity that exists in our global society.



Programs intended to provide new students with information about organizations and departments. Also includes programs providing students with work or volunteer opportunities.


Programs geared toward providing resources for and engaging students in leadership roles, service opportunities, and civic participation. These events prepare students to actively engage with the University and the greater community.


Programs geared toward discussion of political/social issues facing students and the university.


Programs geared toward getting students actively engaged in physical health, fitness, and recreational activities. They may range from a GatorWell Health Promotions program to events sponsored by the Division of Recreational Sports.


Programs aimed at introducing students to many different religious opportunities on campus. They may range from worship services to events with religious themes, to social activities sponsored by religious study groups.


Programs intended to provide entertainment and an outlet for students to meet each other in an informal setting.