Get Involved!

WOW! Facts

  • WOW! is a campus-wide series of events designed to welcome both new, first-year and transfer students to University of Florida, as well as to welcome back returning students.
  • The campus helps to welcome over 9,000 new students to the Gator Nation each year by planning an event or activity.
  • Several University of Florida colleges, departments and student organizations participate in WOW! each year, contributing over 150 events to the calendar!
  • Events include barbecues, student assemblies, game nights, open houses, tabling fairs, student carnivals, service trips, information sessions, pep rallies, sporting events, competitions and more!
  • Participating in WOW! helps gain visibility for your college, department or organization!

When is WOW!?

Summer B 2014: June 25 – July 11

Fall 2014: August 19 – September 6

Spring 2015: January 4 – 9

How to Participate

Brainstorm Event Ideas

Think of what type of event you would like to plan that works best for the mission of your department or organization and aligns with the goals of WOW! If you need ideas, take a look at the Event Categories page and events from last year's program on our event calendar.

Consider Tabling Opportunities

If tabling for your organization or department better suits your needs, there are several of these opportunities already built into WOW! If you are a registered student organization, you have the opportunity to register for the Student Organization Fairs in Summer B and Fall semesters. For more information and to register for these events, check out the IDEAL website. Several of the annual student assemblies also allow organizations and departments to table. For information on the assemblies, check out Multicultural & Diversity Affairs or contact them at 352-392-1217 ext 222. Other events may be open for groups to table. To inquire about these possibilities, simply go to the calendar, click on the specific event and contact the event sponsor directly.

Plan Your Event

Once you know what you are going to do, start planning the details of your event: date, time, location, program schedule, content, etc. Student organizations must contact the Office of Student Activities to have the event permitted.

Complete the Event Submission Form

Provide us with the essential details of your event on our online event submission form. Once reviewed and approved, your event details will appear on our online event calendar for all students to see!

Co-Sponsorship Funds

Please note that the Office of New Student and Family Programs no longer offers co-sponsorship funds for WOW! Events. However, we hope that your organization or department continue to participate in Weeks of Welcome. If you need more information, please email

Publicize Your Event

While your event will be included on the WOW! calendar, it wouldn't hurt to provide some additional publicity. In fact, we expect that you also market your event to the campus community. This will help draw interested students.

Publicize WOW!

Help us pass on the word about WOW!. There are hundreds of great opportunities that we do not want students to miss out on. Check out our downloads page for the WOW! logo and calendar.

Hold Your Event

The most exciting part!

Complete a WOW! Evaluation

Let us know how things went. At the end of the WOW! program we will ask you to complete an online evaluation so we can collect some information about the event, as well as your feedback for how WOW! can continue to support you and our students.

If you have questions, want more information or need additional event ideas, e-mail or call (352) 392-1261 ext. 236.