Innovation Academy Orientation

Innovation Academy (IA) is a new way to think about the traditional college experience. Operating on a spring-summer academic calendar, IA students take UF courses on campus during the spring and summer terms leaving each fall free for online courses, study abroad, internships, research, community service and/or employment. IA students follow this spring-summer on-campus pattern for the entire undergraduate degree program.

IA facilitates participation in focused interactions and small group experiences that explore the dimensions of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. This shared thematic approach within and across a small group of students with varying academic interests is one of the most exciting features of Innovation Academy. Co-curricular experiences include colloquia, seminars, guest lectures and travel.

A new way of thinking about academics requires a new way of thinking about transition. New Student and Family Programs has picked up this charge and created a multi-step Orientation process. In fact in November of 2013 the Innovation Academy Transition Model was awarded Most Innovative Program by the National Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention.  Please click the bars below to expand and learn more about each step.


During the first fall or pre-fall IA students will engage in interactive Online Orientation Modules known as Gateways. These modules will become available starting in early August. Gateways will re-connect IA students in their UF experience. Each individual module provides in-depth information about campus resources, academic exploration and extended course selection preparation.

Spring Course Scheduling

In the Fall semester, IA students work with their individual Colleges to register for their first semester Spring schedule.  Each college will contact their students on how this process will be completed.