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The University of Florida Dean of Students Office creates a culture of care for students, their families, faculty and staff by providing exemplary programs and services designed to enhance students' academic and personal success.

What's Happening

A Resolution Urging Instructors at the University of Florida to Include U Matter, We Care

On October 28, 2015, Student Senate Resolution 2015-138 was passed urging instructors at the University of Florida to include U Matter, We Care information in all course syllabi.

Dine with the Dean

Not much in life is free, but here is a deal you can't beat. The Dean of Students, Dr. Jen Day Shaw, would like to treat YOU to lunch. Register here!

A Resolution Commending the Dean of Students Office and Division of Student Affairs

On July 9, 2015 a Student Senate Resolution was passed by Student Government commending the Dean of Students Office and Division of Students Affairs for the development of a sexual violence online education course.

2015 Pepsi Refresh Challenge

This spring semester, five members of the Campus Diplomats submitted a proposal for the 2015 Pepsi Refresh Challenge to improve sustainability in the Reitz Union. After all the submissions were reviewed, the DIPS were selected as one of the final four teams. After the votes were tallied, the Campus Diplomats came in 2nd place! With this award, the Campus Diplomats will receive a $250.00 credit toward Pepsi products for use in group events this upcoming academic year. Congratulations to the Campus Diplomats!


As always, the University of Florida has been great to deal with. As a returning, non-traditional student I felt I was in a unique situation and the Dean of Students staff handled my needs better than I had ever imagined. Thank You!

I felt welcome as soon as I walked on campus. The people were great and I felt they cared about me personally. I know I picked the right college just from the staff's attitudes. I am happy to be a Gator!

The Dean of Students is very helpful! They let me know they were here to help me and not to make the situation worse. They truly do help and better the situation, while letting you know what will happen without scaring you.

The Dean of Student office did an excellent job addressing our particular issue. Thank the DOS office and UF for all the help we received during the Spring semester. – Student

The Dean of Students is very helpful! They let me know they were here to help me and not to make the situation worse. They truly do help and better the situation, while letting you know what will happen without scaring you. – Student

grin Thank you so much for your constant encouragement and support!!!! – Student

They were extremely welcoming and helpful and I really appreciated the advice they gave me. – Student

Very helpful during a very difficult time for me. I couldn't have asked for better help and assistance! Thank you. – Student

The department was very understanding and courteous. – Student

The student staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Tanja is very helpful and she doesn't just listen to what's wrong; she helps me figure out ways to work with the situation in a productive way. I would refer any of my friends if they were in a crisis to go to the Dean of Students Office or the various other supports on campus. As a future teaching assistant, I plan to use the knowledge and experience I have gained from being a student and using the Dean of Students Office to help other students who need help find resources. – Student

The Dean of Students office does a great and wonderful job with handling my problems. – Student

The Dean of Students staff members were able to help me with my issue and more. Thank you! I appreciate their efforts! – Student

I really appreciate all the kindness and help from the dean of students. – Student

It is a difficult time for me but the staff helped ease some of my worrying and allows me to focus and finish up with school as strong as I can. I am very appreciative even though I do not know how the situation will resolve itself yet. – Student

Had a great experience with the staff. Helped me out in every way possible. Treated me more than fairly and in an exceptional timely fashion. – Student

They were extremely helpful. Über accommodating and reassuring during a very difficult moment in my academic process. – Student

They helped me a lot and am very thankful for their assistance. They were courteous and very professional, they handled the situation in a quick and confidential manner. Thank you – Student

The people at the Dean of Students office gave me the information I needed quickly making it easier to carry out the medical withdrawal process.

The Dean of Students staff members are extremely helpful with assisting with questions and concerns incoming students may have.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement this office gives!

I had an excellent experience with the UF DSO. Everyone I spoke with was helpful, professional, and welcoming. I would highly recommend this office!

I love coming to the DSO because I always leave feeling more prepared about life!

I really appreciate all the kindness and help from the Dean of Students office!

Thank you for doing a superb job!

I took advantage of many of the resources extended to me by the Dean of Students Office as well as the Disability Resource Center. They allowed for particular accommodations in classes, as well as monthly meetings with counselors and staff. They consistently had an open door policy that was very comfortable for me. All of these resources were an important part of my readjustment to university life.

I have learned a tremendous amount by meeting with the staff of the Dean of Students Office, who I would like to add are always smiling and cheerful.

The process did its due diligence in collecting all information necessary for a medial withdrawal. Yet the process also put an emphasis on what was necessary for a return to the university. The multitude of resources at the disposal of the Dean of Students Office including the Disability Resource Center were in full display once the process began. It was comforting to know that once I returned I would have accommodations, counseling, and even lessons on how to navigate my life once I began as a student again.

I really can't thank the DSO enough. It was a very difficult time in my life, and it was tough for me to go into the office, but they were so welcoming and confidential. It made a huge difference and was such a relief.

I am so thankful for the Dean of Students staff. They were very sweet to me and made me feel like they really cared about what was going on in my life! That is very rare to find, and I feel like they made a very frustrating situation into something positive. Thank you all so much for all of the things you do for us students! smile

I really really appreciated the commitment I was given and level of interest they had in my personal affairs that were affecting my school. They really do care about every single gator in the Gator Nation and want us to all succeed

“The U Matter, We Care was the best thing about Preview. I have an older son who struggled terribly with depression and anxiety after starting at UF and was eventually dismissed. U Matter, We Care gives me hope that our second son will be alright.” ~ UF Alum & Family Member

“The U matter, We Care was the best thing about Preview. I have an older son who struggled terribly with depression and anxiety after starting at UF and was eventually dismissed. U Matter, We Care gives me hope that our second son will be Alright.”

“The DSO family truly fosters an environment of care.”

I had to contact the Dean of Student's office due to my son being sick for the Summer B session and they were most gracious to me with all of my questions. ~ UF Parent

The staff was very understanding and their kindness made the process easier. ~ UF Student

The experience was very enjoyable, as it gave me a behind the scenes tour of how great the University of Florida really is. The staffers and advisors were very enthusiastic and lively, and also very helpful with any questions I had for them. The college sessions I participated in were very helpful in deciding which majors I may be interested in. Overall, the experience was great because it may be the turning point in the decision between UF and FSU! ~ UF Student


Kevin Griffin, a Preview Staffer, Campus Diplomat, and Student Assistant in the DSO and NSFP won the “The John M. “Jack” Kinzer Award for Outstanding Service to UF. This award is given annually to a UF student who exemplifies the characteristics that Mr. Kinzer modeled: leadership and service to the UF community with a commitment to excellence, dedication and integrity.

Arren Delatorre, student employee in the Dean of Students Office, received accolades from Senator Marco Rubio's office. For more information about her outstanding performance this summer, please visit http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?r112:S12JY2-0023:/

Congratulation to Justin Shukas, Graduate Assistant for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution! Justin recently accepted a full-time positon at the University of Oregon as the Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life in the Dean of Students Office. Justin will graduate in May from the Masters in Student Personnel in Higher Education program and plans on starting his new job in July.

Congratulations to New Student & Family Programs and the 2013 Preview Staff for their success at SROW! Staff members, Alison Spannaus and Kris Klann, won first place for "Best Professional and Graduate Educational Session". Student staffer, Albert Perera, won third place for "Best Undergraduate Educational Session” and student staffers, Albert Perera and Jasmine Scott, won "Best Problem Solving for Undergraduate Case Study". In addition, the entire 2013 Preview Staff won second place for "Best T-Shirt Design".

Congratulations to our student assistant Arren De La Torre for her acceptance into the FSU Law Summer Undergraduate Program. This award winning program has been in existence since 1992 and provides 60 undergraduates with four-weeks of legal study immersion that include activities such as classroom experiences, the law school admissions process, and careers in the law.

Leah Harding, a student assistant in Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, was selected as a University of Florida Presidential Personal Host by the Florida Cicerones. Each year the Florida Cicerones select group of individuals who act as hosts to the President and his family. Presidential Personal Hosts serve as student representatives at various functions at the President's home, during football games and throughout the community.

Dean of Students Office Student Assistant Leah Harding has been selected to be the Political Unit Intern for NY1 News. Leah will be moving to New York City shortly to begin her internship with NY1. Congrats, Leah!

Congratulations to Tiffany Joseph, a DSO Front Desk Student Assistant who has won NPHC Member of the Year! We're proud of you!

Congratulations to SCCR student assistant, Alexa Jacobson on co-publishing an article with her professor in the Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal!

Congratulations to Josiane Joseph who has earned a spot in the McNair Scholars program. McNair Scholars participate in a 10 week summer research program and attend weekly workshops on the nature of academic life, standardized test preparation, writing and researching skills, the graduate school application process and other topics related to graduate study at the doctoral level.

Congratulations to New Student and Family Programs’ success at the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) in March. Graduate Preview interns, Maura McCool and Nikki Steinberger, received honors in the graduate case study competition for “Best Communication.” Preview Staffers, Joyner Atiles-Lopez and Leslie Gaynor, received honors in the undergraduate case study for “Best Problem Solving”. Arie Gee, a graduate assistant in New Student and Family Programs, was the recipient of the “Best Educational Session” award by a graduate student.

Congratulations to our New Student and Family Programs area on their awards at the SROW Conference: Sara Empson – Outstanding Graduate Student for NODA Region 6. Wesley Hartsell & Jill Faull – Best Problem Solving Graduate Case Study. Mickey Howard – Outstanding Educational Session presented by a Professional or Graduate Student, 2nd place. Conference T-Shirt – 1st Place.