Resources for Cases Involving Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, 
Stalking, Domestic Violence, and Dating Violence

Cases involving allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, and other forms of intimate partner violence can be particularly challenging for all parties involved. With that in mind, our office makes its best efforts to ensure fairness for all participants while being mindful of the administrative aspects of the conduct process. Therefore, we have compiled the following information for individuals involved in such cases to review in order to better understand the process and to know what to expect if a report is filed with our office.

Please view this brief video on how you can prevent sexual violence: Male or Female
Here is a press release by the Gainesville Police Department.
This is a Public Service Announcement on the importance of bystanders' role in helping to end domestic violence and sexual assault: No More PSA
The following is a collection of sexual abuse resources on
What is Consent? From the University of San Fransisco

Student Conduct Code

Flowcharts of the Conduct Process

Information for Victims & Victim Rights

Accused Student Rights

Accused Student Informational Meeting Form

Letters of No Contact

Incident Report Form

Appeal Process

Sexual Harassment at UF

Division of Student Affairs Statement on Sexual Harassment

Title IX at the University of Florida: Reporting Options and Contacts